Welcome to my portfolio! Here you will find three cases of my professional work that speak to my outlook on librarianship. In each, I will summarize the work that was done, its impact & how it connects to themes in library and information science, and what my next steps are.

Philosophy statement

Libraries are all about people: serving patrons through collections that meet their needs, working effectively with each other, and partnering with folks within the university and across the country to achieve great things. I take this seriously, and it is something you’ll see throughout my work. You’ll also get a sense of my analytical leanings. In my efforts to serve our patrons in the best possible way, I am always trying to understand more. In collections work, I ground all decisions in the best possible evidence – and am developing new and innovative methods that aren’t found elsewhere in our profession.

A stack of newspapers
Case: ProQuest Historical Newspapers

Navigating the cancellation of a primary source collection with librarians and faculty members.

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A lightbulb
Transformative Agreements: Do they make sense for us?

Journal publishers are incorporating Open Access publication fees in new agreements–but do they make sense for us?

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A chart.
Automating Collections Analysis

Data are becoming increasingly available for e-resources, and there is a lot. How can we harness technology to help us make sense of this?

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